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Writing a Will is something that many people do not consider doing until their older years, and some put this off until it is too late, leaving their loved ones in a complex and distressing situation. In fact, around two-thirds of UK adults do not have a Will.

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Writing a Will is essential, especially if you have considerable assets, investments or you own a company. However, even if your assets are minimal, writing a Will is still important, even more so if you have children or a partner who rely on you financially. All too often, it is assumed that even without a Will a surviving spouse or children of the deceased will automatically inherit the entire estate, however, this is not always the case. Without a Will, your estate may be divided in a way that you would not agree with.

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Whether you want to ensure your wishes are respected after you are gone with a legally robust Will, need help dealing with probate and estate administration, or require assistance with any other issues relating to your estate or the estate of a loved one, we can help.

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Dying without a Will (known as “dying intestate”) can also make it complicated and stressful for your loved ones to deal with your estate after you are gone, causing the potential for conflict, which can result in lasting damage to family relationships.

At Fishers, our dedicated Wills solicitors believe that it’s never too early to draft a Will to protect your assets and have your wishes respected after you are gone. With a broad depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience, our Will writing solicitors can assist you with making those crucial decisions that will benefit your family in years to come. We can also ensure that your Will is written in a legally sound way, ensuring that your wishes will be respected.

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Why choose Fishers for your Will?

When it comes to Will writing, Fishers Wills solicitors provide a comprehensive service with a personal touch. Through our years of experience, we have learned that an in-depth understanding of our clients’ situations allows us to deliver tailored advice that meets their individual needs.

We appreciate that it is especially important to treat older clients, their families and representatives, with additional consideration, by being both sympathetic and sensitive to any issues they may have. We endeavour, therefore, to ensure that our firm and all of our employees treat older clients, their families and their representatives with kindness, dignity and respect at all times. For more information please see our Older and Vulnerable Client Care Procedures.

Fishers is a Lexcel-accredited law firm, confirming that we offer the highest standards of customer care to our clients. Our family lawyers are also members of Resolution, a network of legal professionals dedicated to non-confrontational methods of family dispute resolution. This means where there are disagreements over a Will, we can offer a way to reach a mutually acceptable resolution that can preserve important family relationships.

Our Wills services in Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch

Our Wills solicitors in Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch offer a full range of services for people planning for the future of their estate and those dealing with the process or probate and estate administration after a loved one has passed away.

Our services include:

Frequently Asked Questions about Wills

When should I write a Will?

Anyone above the age of 18 is able to write a Will, however it is usually when a person makes a significant financial commitment, gets married or has children that they consider writing a Will. While these life events can act as triggers to drafting a Will, it’s completely up to you as to when you feel it is appropriate to write a Will.

We do advise that you seek professional legal advice from a Wills solicitor before creating a Will, as they will ensure you have covered all the required grounds and that your Will is legally valid. Failing to do so can mean your wishes will not be respected in the event of your death.

What should my Will contain?

Your Will should contain crucial information regarding how your estate will be divided between your family members or friends once you have passed. Included in this will be specific details of who will inherit your financial assets, your property and possessions after you are gone. It can also include instructions for your burial and funeral, so long as these instructions abide by the law.

What is an Executor?

Included in the Will you should state who will be in charge of handling your estate after you are gone. This person will be known as the Executor of your Will, and they will be responsible for ensuring the terms of your Will are carried out.

Who can be an Executor for your Will?

Anyone aged 18 or over can be an Executor for your Will, including people named as beneficiaries of the Will. It is common to name your spouse or civil partner, or one of your children as an Executor. It is also common to choose an accountant or solicitor you trust as an Executor. This can be helpful as they will be a trained, neutral party you can ensure the probate process moves ahead smoothly.

You can name more than one Executor, which is often a good idea in case one of the named people is unwilling or unable to carry out the required duties. You can have up to four Executors, although as they will need to work together it is more common to only name two.

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