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Lasting Powers of Attorney - caring for your loved ones

What is an LPA?

An LPA is an abbreviation for a Lasting Power of Attorney. They were created under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, thereby securing the futures of people who may lose mental or physical capacity. The LPA allows somebody to look after their own personal, financial or business affairs, if they feel they may no longer be able, or become unable, to do it for themselves in the future. The LPA allows those people who feel the need to grant somebody (this can be a family member or a trusted friend) the right to make authorised decisions on such matters for that person, for example:

  •            Looking after their finances and spending their money on their behalf
  •            Buying or selling their property
  •            Deciding their living arrangements
  •            Looking after their day to day personal health or care

Concerned about the Coronavirus?

We understand that now is a concerning and unsettling time. With more and more people self-isolating and businesses closing for the time being, we believe it is a crucial time to reassess your current situations and start to put measures in place to protect yourselves and the people who you love who are potentially in those high risk categories.

It is extremely advisable to make LPAs so that relatives or friends can help those people who are at risk at a time like this to purchase things they need.

At Fishers we’re doing everything we can to follow government advice to protect people and minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.

To protect our vulnerable clients we are offering to see people at their homes if they feel they would like to seek legal advice about attaining an LPA.

Discounted legal services

  •             One LPA - £300 + VAT
  •              Both types of LPA (Financial and Health & Welfare) - £500 + VAT
  •              Both types of LPA for a couple - £700 + VAT

The discounts are available during the break out of the Coronavirus.

Do you have a Will?

Having a Will is another way to ensure that your assets pass in accordance with your wishes to your loved ones. Click here to go onto our page where you can find out about our Will writing services.

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Download a guide with simple steps about how to make a LPA here.

Find out how to make a Will by downloading our 'how to' guide here.