You & Your Family

Fixed Fee Family Law Services

Fishers fixed fee Family Law services give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much the service you require will cost.

Undefended Divorce (Applicant)

Our fixed fee divorce includes all legal costs* associated with obtaining a divorce. We will go through the divorce papers with you and help you to complete the forms required by the court.
Cost £500 plus VAT

* Please note additional Court fees will be payable. All fees will be explained in full at your initial meeting.

Undefended Divorce (Respondent)

We also offer a fixed fee divorce service for those receiving a divorce petition, known as the respondent.
Cost £250 plus VAT

Separation Agreements

Many consider a Separation Agreement as an alternative to Divorce. Fishers Family Lawyers are able to prepare a properly constructed Separation Agreement setting out the agreement reached between you.
Cost £600 plus VAT

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Fishers can advise and prepare a Pre or Post-Nuptial Agreement tailored to your needs.

Where the agreement is drafted by us:
Cost £995 plus VAT

Where the agreement is drafted by the otherside:
Cost £750 plus VAT

Cohabitation Agreements

Fishers can advise and prepare a Cohabitation Agreement specific to you and your partners requirments.
Cost £600 plus VAT

Parental Responsibility Agreements

An un-married father will often not have parental responsibility as a right. A formal Parental Responsibility Agreement with the Mother is one way of achieving this.
Cost £300 plus VAT

Change of Name Deed

Whether you want to change your own name or that of your children’s, Fishers offer a fixed fee service to carry out the Deed Poll process.
Cost £150 plus VAT