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When children are at the centre of a separation, it can often lead to highly emotional disputes over what the child arrangements should be (sometimes referred to as custody, residence and visiting rights). Whether you want your children living with you or are trying to see more of them, this can be a stressful time for all parties involved – especially the children.

Fishers experienced team of child law solicitors understand the sensitivity of these issues, and our main focus is to ensure your children’s needs are put first, no matter how complex the situation. With strong expertise in non-confrontational dispute resolution, we can almost always help you achieve the right outcome for you and your children without the need for court proceedings.

We understand that the decisions you make in regard to child arrangements are the most important and life-changing decisions of all, so your choice of solicitor should reflect this. With years of experience and success in child law cases, our child law solicitors are delicate but determined to ensure your children have the best chance of a happy life after your divorce or dissolution, no matter what it takes. 

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Child law services we offer:

Child Arrangements

Often described as Child Residence, Contact, Custody or Access, this refers to deciding where your children will live following a divorce or separation and what contact a non-resident parent will have with their children. Increasingly, parents tend to share custody, with children living with both parents for some days each week.

Our child law solicitors can help you make child arrangements through negotiation or mediation where required or assist you with applying to a court for a Child Arrangements Order if you cannot make a voluntary agreement with your children’s other parent.

Specific Issue Orders

From time to time, disputes can arise over a specific issue related to a child’s upbringing e.g. where they go to school, their religious upbringing or medical treatment. While these issues can usually be sorted out through negotiation or mediation, sometimes it may be necessary to apply to a court for a Specific Issue Order to resolve the dispute.

Our team can help you find a non-confrontational solution wherever possible, as well as having strong experience with Specific Issue Order applications if this is required.

International or national relocation

If you wish to take your child abroad, whether for a holiday or more permanently, this can sometimes be a point of conflict with their other parent. We can assist with finding an amicable resolution to such disagreements, as well as advising on applying to a court for permission to take your child abroad if their other parent does not agree.

Parental responsibility applications

Having parental responsibility means you have the right to be included in decisions about your child’s upbringing, so this is often a key issue in disputes over children. While a child’s birth mother will always have parental responsibility, any other parents may or may not, depending on the circumstances.

Our child law solicitors can help you to establish whether you already have parental responsibility and guide you through securing it where you do not. While it is often possible to get parental responsibility through a private agreement with the child’s birth mother (and anyone else with parental responsibility), we can also advise you on applying to a court for a Parental Responsibility Order where necessary.

Prohibited Steps Orders

It is usually best for your children if you can resolve any disputes with their other parent amicably. However, where you are concerned that the other parent may make a decision about your child without your consent, applying to a Prohibited Steps Order can prevent this.

We can support you with applying to a court for a Prohibited Steps Order, which can stop your child’s other parent from taking actions such as removing your child from the country, changing their name or consenting to medical treatment you do not agree with. This can then buy you time to find a more permanent solution to the conflict.

How we can help remove conflict from making arrangements for children

Children, especially those of a young age, may find it hard to come to terms with the separation of their parents and the readjustment of family life. When taking legal action in regard to childcare, professional advice, sensitivity and support are essential.

Wherever possible, Fishers’ child arrangement order (custody) solicitors will encourage you to make arrangements for your children amicably through mediation or negotiation,  Using these non-confrontational approaches not only tends to make things easier on you and your children emotionally, but it can also save you a significant amount of time and legal fees compared to court action.

However, from our many years of experience, we know that a voluntary agreement between parents can’t always be achieved and that certain disputes require court proceedings to get the right outcome for you and your children. In these circumstances, we will be by your side each step of the way to ensure the best interests of your children are protected and their needs are met.

Pricing for our children law services

We aim for complete transparency with our pricing, while making sure we have fee options to suit your needs and circumstances.

Our services will be offered according to an agreed hourly rate. This means you will only pay for the exact amount of work needed to deal with your matter. You will receive monthly bills to ensure that you are always kept up-to-date.

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