Lawyers Help to Achieve Harmonious Outcome to Big Money Divorce

The disentangling of divorcing couples’ financial affairs can be a complex business, particularly after a long and successful marriage. However, in one case the potential for dispute between a wealthy husband and wife was largely defused by their lawyers’ efforts to define and narrow down their differences.

The middle-aged former couple had both enjoyed successful careers during their marriage, which lasted more than 25 years. No distinction could be drawn between their respective contributions to the marital assets, which included over £4.3 million in property and various pensions and investments worth millions more.

In resolving the remaining areas of dispute between them – which mainly related to pension entitlements – the court noted the considerable efforts made by lawyers on both sides to reach a negotiated settlement. That had resulted in a large measure of agreement as to the value of assets available for distribution, there being no dispute that the division should be on an equal footing. The court’s decision opened the way for finalisation of the couple’s divorce.