Employment Solicitors in Tamworth (Employers)

Regardless of the industry or size of your company, keeping up to date with employment legislation is essential task for any successful business. Your team of staff is your most valuable asset, and therefore, taking necessary steps to keep your workforce satisfied will ensure that you avoid claims and costly courtroom legal battles. However, with the everyday pressures and responsibilities involved in running a business already piling high, it’s easy to make mistakes.

That’s why at Fishers, our employment solicitors in Tamworth are here to keep you right. As well as assessing how changes to legislation will affect your company, we’ll work closely with you to prevent issues before they arise or manage issues efficiently as they appear. Our extensive experience allows us to help our clients with all their employee issues - from recruitment through to termination. Our solicitors will ensure that all your policies and procedures are in line with the law to keep you compliant and out of court.

What is ProAct HR?

As well as assisting employers through their HR issues, our employment solicitors in Tamworth offer a specialist service for businesses looking to improve in HR. If your company cannot justify the cost of hiring a full time HR manager or are looking to enhance the team without recruiting new staff, our ProAct HR service is perfect for you.

ProAct HR is an outsourced solution for small to medium sized businesses; providing specialist legal advice from qualified employment law experts. This will involve our team conducting an HR audit on your company, reviewing HR policies and procedures to check whether you are complying with current legislation. We will then work with you to ensure you are kept up to date and find tailored solutions for your specific HR issues. Whether you are seeking just minimal assistance or a comprehensive service, ProAct HR can offer various levels of support, allowing you to choose how many hours of our time you require a month.

With a sensitive but determined approach, our employment solicitors in Tamworth will always aim to resolve any issues that are preventing you from performing at work.  As well as helping employers through HR disputes, we also offer practical advice and assistance on all day-to-day employment and HR issues for business owners. 

HR Resources for employers in Tamworth


Have a read through the series of free resources from Mind regarding mental health in the workplace. Here you’ll find perspectives from business leaders, resources for line managers and HR professionals and guides on how to manage stress in the workplace.


This selection of webpages from the NHS provides practical support and advice for line managers regarding the health of employees, including a guide to the necessary steps to take when a member of staff falls ill.

Court & Tribunal Finder

Use this tool to locate your nearest employment tribunal centre. Simply select your legal issue from the list, enter your postcode and you will be presented with the address and contact details of your nearest court or tribunal.