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Business Finance and Contracts Solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch & Tamworth

Getting the right finance in place within the right legal framework is essential for the success of any business. Whether you are starting a business, buying a business or raising additional finance for expansion or investment, we can ensure the funding is structured in the right way so you can achieve your business goals while staying legally protected.

When creating a business finance agreement, the details really matter. Our business finance solicitors in Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch have the expertise and experience to ensure any finance contract you enter into is in your best interests.

We know all the common issues that can cause you problems and how to avoid them, meaning we can help you create business finance deals that won’t just work for you today, but will also continue to work for you in the future.

Fishers specialist commercial lawyers can advise and assist you on any type of business finance document or arrangements, including for start-up funding, venture capital, management buy-outs, share option schemes and more.

Our commercial finance experts will provide the pragmatic advice you need that takes account of your business aims and financial position, giving you the right solutions for your business.

If you would like expert advice on finances or contracts for your business, get in touch with our solicitors in Tamworth or Ashby de la Zouch today

Our business finance law services in Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch

Our financial solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch and Tamworth can help you with all of the legal details of raising corporate finance for a wide variety of purposes.

Our business finance law expertise includes:

  • Raising start-up, development or venture capital
  • Refinancing
  • Joint ventures
  • Management buy-outs
  • Private equity
  • Succession planning
  • Life insurance and critical illness cover for key people
  • Employee benefit, share option and incentive schemes

Things to consider when raising business finance

When raising funds for your business, there are a number of key things that must be accounted for to ensure you get the capital you need while staying within the law and protecting your long-term interests.

Where is the finance coming from?

There are many different potential sources of business finance and it is important to explore all of your options and work out which is most appropriate for your business interests. If you borrow from an angel investor, for example, this is likely to come with different conditions than if you borrow from a bank.

What terms does the finance come with?

Before signing any commercial finance agreement, you need to be very clear exactly what terms you are agreeing to, including what obligations towards the lender you will be placed under.

Business finance contracts can often be long and complicated, so it is strongly recommended to have an experienced business finance lawyer look at the agreement for you before signing.

Who is liable for the debt?

Depending on the structure of your business and the terms of the finance agreement you may be personally liable for the debt or the liability may lie solely with your business. This is an absolutely crucial point to understand as you could end up causing yourself serious legal and financial difficulties if you get this wrong.

Does the financing support your long-term business goals?

If your business needs an injection of cash, it can be tempting to take the money when someone offers it to you even if the terms of the agreement are unfavourable. However, you need to consider how the financing deal will affect your business long term as failing to do so could simply be storing up problems for later that could leave you in a worse position.

Why choose Fishers for your business finance contracts?

Our business finance and commercial contracts team have many years of experience acting for a wide range of companies, partnerships and entrepreneurs in Staffordshire, Leicestershire and throughout the UK.

We understand how a business’s commercial concerns impact its legal requirements and can provide a tailored service that helps you get the finance you need to achieve your business goals while keeping you legally protected at all times.

Our team will take the time to get a thorough understanding of your business and what you need to happen, then take you through your options in plain English. Our aim is to give you complete confidence that you are making the right choices for your business and putting in place measures that protect your long-term business interests.

Fishers is a Lexcel-accredited law firm, reflecting the highly quality of our practice management and customer care. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), ensuring that we continue to operate to the strictest professional standards.

Get in touch with our business finance solicitors in Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch

Our knowledgeable business finance lawyers in Ashby de la Zouch and Tamworth can help you with all aspects of business finance law and funding agreements.

For further advice on your business finances or to make an appointment, contact your nearest Fishers office or request a call back and a member of our team will be in touch promptly.


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