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Three ways to protect your family

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Take a look at three ways you can protect your family with the help of a solicitor.

Writing a Will

Latest Royal London research has calculated that 54% of UK adults do not have a will. This involves 59% of parents who either have no will or have one that does not adequately reflect their wishes. You have no power of what happens to your belongings after you pass away if you have not made a will. If you have children, own land, have savings or investments, or run a business making a will is especially necessary.

Protect your family and assets with a will.

Find ten ways you can avoid any challenges to your will.

Divorcing parents

There were 90,871 divorces of opposite-sex couples in 2018, a decrease of 10.6% compared with 2017 and the lowest number since 1971. On the basis of partnership and mediation, approaching separation will ease things and make this very difficult period of life just a little less tough. When a marriage fails, the best way to protect your family is through good contact between parents.

When it comes to divorcing, use an expert who can keep things professional.


The primary justification for remortgaging is to reduce your monthly repayments. However, in considering any early redemption fees, arrangement fees, valuation fees, broker costs, and legal fees, this must also be weighed up.

Our mortgages last only a limited period, such as two or five years being a normal rate given on fixed or variable goods, and the lender adjusts the interest rate to the Regular Variable Rate when it comes to an end.

Remortgaging may be right for you, take a look.