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The Mussons: Four generations of lawyers at Fishers

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Simon Musson

Started working at Fishers in 1970 and is still working as a Consultant.

Simon’s Father - William Henry Musson

Worked as a Solicitor from 1946 until 1980 at Fishers.

Simon’s Grandfather -William Pratt Musson

Started practicing law in 1904 at Dewes & Musson until 1921 and then from 1922 was at Fishers until 1963.

Simon’s Great Grandfather - William Alfred Musson

Started at 1874. He was at Fishers from 1925 to 1929.


Simon says, ‘I suspect it always was written in the stars that I would become a solicitor and follow the legal profession.’


Changes within the industry

Back in the earlier days, general practitioners offered help with solving any issues people had whether it was to do with houses or Wills. There was no need to specialise at that time but now with the complexities of law there’s a definite requirement for specialities hence specialisms! Simon started off in litigation then within two years changed to commercial property and still works in the commercial property sector now – over forty years later!


Remaining in Ashby

Fishers has been in Ashby since it began – Simon states, ‘to move away would mean we’d lose our roots’ – we serve in the main town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch – and have done for the past 150 years!

In the past we’ve served local councils, and acted for local authorities, Ashby urban district council and advisers and the Ashby rural district council, which no longer exist now. We were and still are completely integrated into the local community. Although we've moved from the town centre, we are only round the corner in new larger and much more modern offices.


The Second World War!

Simon’s father qualified as a lawyer and took his exams in the German prisoner of war camps! For the whole of the Second World War, William Henry Musson was a prisoner of war in Germany – but managed to take his exams there, like others did – and when he was released in 1945 he came back to England and started practising in 1946. His career started and stayed with Fishers.