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The importance of receptionists - Interview

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When Fishers moved to new offices last November, it was really important the office fit with the ambitions of the company, that everyone had a nice space to work, communal areas were light and welcoming but most importantly the reception area was modern, open and gave a great lasting impression to everyone who visited.

One reason Fishers can project that feeling is because of the receptionists. They’re your first port of call, who are able to assist with the daily running of the business.

Here’s an interview with receptionist Lynne who has been working from home during the Coronavirus crisis.

Hi Lynne, how long have you been at Fishers?

I have been at Fishers for nearly six and a half years.

What have you learnt working as a receptionist at Fishers?

I have learnt to be more understanding of people’s differing circumstances and that everybody reacts differently in situations. As a receptionist you have to quickly adapt and respond accordingly. Sometimes you simply have to be a friendly face and offer a listening ear for a client to feel at ease and more relaxed in sometimes very stressful situations.

I’ve learnt that the importance of team work within a firm is vital and employees need to communicate and support each other to make sure matters run smoothly right from reception to our solicitors.

I actually feel like I learn something new almost every day through general enquiries, speaking to clients, our solicitors and other support staff, every day is different.

How have things changed over the years?

The biggest change is that we have recently moved premises from an old listed building to modern open plan offices. The new offices are perfect for Fishers as they’re within a business park so there is easier access for clients who can park right outside the door. The reception area is light and airy and a far more relaxed, welcoming space for clients with more comfortable seats and additional meeting space.

There have inevitably been changes in work colleagues over the years as individuals retire, have babies (I must say I love it when the baby comes to visit, reception always get first cuddles), some professionals simply move on to new ventures. We are a friendly firm so for each colleague that sadly leaves us we embrace a new face to welcome into our Fishers family.

How can we help our clients in lockdown?

We are available to all clients old and new during this difficult time to assist with any legal queries within our specialist areas of law. The only difference is that we are working remotely rather than in the office to keep both clients and staff safe. Our phone number remains unchanged and your call will be answered promptly with a friendly voice on the other end of the line, just as if we were sat in the office.

What is the one thing you’re most looking forward to when the offices open again?

I am very much a people person, I love nothing more than being amongst people so I can’t wait to have the face to face contact again with both clients and work colleagues, even if it is from a distance for the time being.

What should clients do if they think they need to see a solicitor?

Either call us on 01530 412167 or email

We can then talk through your query and refer you to the relevant legal department where they can outline costs and any other concerns you may have before instructing our services.

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