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The future of divorces - what you need to know...

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Outdated divorce laws have now been transformed. Later on this year, you will no longer have to prove fault to get a divorce. After 2020, a year of unprecedented upheaval, divorcing will be much less stressful.

“In June 2020 Parliament passed the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 which is now an act of Parliament. It is expected that the new procedures and rules will come into force sometime in the second half of 2021.”

In practice, unless a couple are prepared to wait for a long time (indeed years) after they separate before divorcing, the current law requires couples to allege that the other has committed adultery or behaved unreasonably and this ‘fault’ based process often causes conflict at an already difficult time.

The new rules include a minimum time frame of six months from application to the decree absolute and will also allow couples to jointly apply for a divorce.

Dealing with a divorce will never be easy. At Fishers Solicitors, we’ve been helping people get divorced for years now. In the overwhelming majority of cases you will not need to go to court and your divorce can be settled in a more amicable setting. Separating can be as a result of many issues.

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  • Are you dealing with violence in your relationship?

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