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The future of conveyancing... what you need to know

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Back in 2020 Fishers conveyancing went bold. Here’s all you need to know about how the future of conveyancing means selling houses… quickly!

Towards the end of last year Fishers Solicitors launched Bold Move, which is an initiative to speed up the conveyancing process. In order for you to save weeks off the transaction time all you need to do is instruct your conveyancer at the same time as your estate agent. It’s a simple step Fishers has taken to revolutionise the market.

Fishers Bold Move can cut the total transaction time by several weeks and with 76% of transactions become abortive on or after week 12, it can reduce the risk of sales falling through by speeding up the buying process.

Mistakes or missing paperwork are often known for slowing down a sale, so with Bold Move we can negate all of these delays before a buyer has even been found. This allows us to ensure that when an offer is made and accepted, everything is in place to push the property to completion as quickly as possible.

This pre-sale work we will do includes the preparation of the supporting paperwork you fill in, especially the Seller’s Property Information Form (TA6) as well as legal title checks, boundary title plan confirmed and management company packs obtained if applicable. We will also obtain a copy the office copies to your title from the Land Registry to check any title issues which may arise in advance.  

This service also guarantees that the complete contract pack will be issued to the buyers’ solicitor within 24 hours of receipt of the agent’s memo of sale.

With the property market booming, now is not the time to slow down when it comes to selling your house, especially if you want to move before the end of the current SDLT holiday.

Selling and buying property with Fishers Solicitors

  • Speedy timelines
  • Upfront costs with complete transparency
  • Updates and support from licenced conveyancers and supporting staff