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The end of lockdown, the end of your marriage?

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Most people won’t be surprised that after months of staying indoors, children off school and the UK going into recession, that a marriage can really take its toll. What has happened to the world is something that nobody signed up for. So if a divorce is on the table now is the perfect time to think about how you can move forward with or without your partner.

Questions to think about if you’re facing a divorce:

  1. How will my children be affected if we divorce?
  2. Do I want to protect any assets that are mine or that we share?
  3. Do I have a business that I share with my partner?
  4. Can I get a divorce amicably?

More often than not a divorce is not pleasant. But what we’ve found here at Fishers is that the process you choose to take to getting a divorce can make it a lot smoother and easier to digest, and how we believe you can do that, is to get in touch with a professional and experienced divorce lawyer who can ensure the legalities of your divorce are sorted and your children, assets and finances are handled so the outcome is fair and appropriate for everyone involved.

Discover the process we take to get you a divorce:

Maybe it's time to talk to a family law specialist.