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Spooky goings on at Fishers Solicitors

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It’s not only during Halloween when staff at Fishers Solicitors in Ashby De La Zouch experience spooky occurrences!

As a Grade II listed building, there is clearly a lot of history at no. 4-8 Kilwardby Street however the alleged paranormal sightings are prevalent in the other part of the building at no. 6-8 Kilwardby Street. It must be said that little is known of the building’s use nor occupants prior to Fishers Solicitors taking ownership of it, over 100 years ago.

Since the announcement of Fishers relocation to a new premises later on in November, paranormal activity has intensified! Whoever the other residents are, they’re clearly not happy that the firm have decided to leave.

Sensitive to the presence of unseen spirits in what is in her own words “certainly an interesting building”, our Legal Secretary, Deena Wardle, has been sharing instances of the unexplained activity experienced by both herself and other members of staff.   

These include; photocopiers starting on their own accord, loud crashes, floating “orbs” and the smell of cigarettes. Deena reassures members of staff that the intentions of the spirits are not of malevolence and are instead mischievous, almost like playful children! These unruly spirits like to tease staff, sometimes leading them to question each other especially when taps are turned on, water is splashed in faces and members of staff are locked in rooms!

Despite the increased activity, the staff are genuinely sad to leave such a beautiful and characterful building. Click here to head over to our Instagram page where we have opened the doors to our office building in Ashby to share with you some of our quirky and historic features of the building!