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Conveyancing Advice from Enel, a licensed conveyancer

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Enel works as a Conveyancer in the residential property department at Fishers and in this blog give you an insight into her life and gives advice for buying, selling and remortgaging a property.

Describe some challenges you face at work

Every case I start is different and requires an eye for detail to ensure the file is dealt with to the highest standard. At Fishers we deal with any type of land transaction and I have to be ready to resolve questions to clients themselves as well as the other side party to the transaction.

Describe the solutions you give

In my role I believe you should never stop learning and when something new or complicated arises the best place to be is at Fishers. I am able to find solutions by discussing the case with very experienced colleagues in all departments and the client’s transaction can proceed because of this quest for solutions and a wealth of knowledge and experience in one place.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

 A pathologist, archaeologist or a lawyer.

How did you get into conveyancing?

The day after I finished my law school exams the desire to get out there and work after so many years of study took me to Premier Property Lawyers in Leicester who specialised in Property Law. I spent 11 years at Premier Property Lawyers.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

The day of completion when I tell my client that the matter is completed. The relief and excitement they feel is rewarding to me.  

What do you look forward to on your annual leave?

Spending time with friends and family and taking our daughter to new places.

What do you look forward to on weekends?

Spending time with my daughter as we work all week and the weekends are just for her.

What’s some advice for first time buyers?

Check everything and as awkward as it is, even flicking light switches, using the toilet flush and running the shower, will make post completion less stressful if problems have been found before you complete.

What’s some advice to first time sellers?

As hard as it is try not to take buyers questions or insinuations about your home personally because the end aim is to sell as you set out to do. Try to be relaxed about the sale, as the process of selling is stressful and the feeling of not knowing it will happen until exchange is very difficult.

What’s some advice for people who are looking to remortgage?

Use a good broker who can research the best rates for you and is on hand to liaise between me, you and the lender to ensure the transaction is quick.

What’s some general advice for buyers and sellers?

Use a good conveyancer who communicates with you in all forms of communication as you will feel better being kept up to date. Your first conversation with them should leave you feeling you are in experienced and empathetic hands.