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Congratulating newly appointed associate of the firm

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We’re pleased to announce that Enel Ots, Licensed Conveyancer, has been newly appointed to an associate lawyer at Fishers. Enel tells us what it means to her and her career to be given this new role and how she can utilise it to be a role model to other conveyancers at the firm.

Having been at Fishers Solicitors for a short time, it will be three years in November, it has come as a surprise, but a really good one.

It means I have made a good impression on all the Directors at the firm as this feels like they have a huge trust in me. It feels like being welcomed into the Fishers family officially after coming from a non-traditional firm background.

Personally becoming an associate will carry more responsibility, I will take on this role and continue my growth and progression in the conveyancing world. Professionally, I will be able to use the associate title to represent the firm, and internally I will be able to be a role model to the other conveyancers.

I have always worked as a conveyancer. Straight after my law school exams I started work at Premier Property Lawyers in Leicester. The years there taught me what hard work and commitment it takes to deal with clients and how client care is most important as well as having the technical knowledge. This helped me to make the move to Fishers where those basics have helped develop a higher level of technical knowledge through more complex cases.

Fishers have been the best firm to gain experience from, to be able to offer our clients the best and most knowledgeable service for their needs. I enjoy how open and family friendly the firm is.

Head of Conveyancing and partner at Fishers Solicitors, Amanda comments:

I am extremely pleased that the Directors have made Enel an Associate Lawyer at Fishers.  This is a true recognition of her continued hard work, her achievements, dedication and commitment to Fishers.  Even though Enel already has many years experienced in conveyancing, she’s willing and eager to learn further, including additional property related skills outside of those of a traditional sale and purchase transaction, something that property lawyers at Fishers have been specialists in for many years. Some of these creative solutions to legal property matters are retiring with those finishing up in the legal profession, so it is great to have someone to pass on the knowledge to and who can be a mentor to those following in her footsteps as the year’s progress. This will assist in Fishers retaining this property specialism long into the future.