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Business Survival and Planning for the end of Lockdown

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COVID-19 has hit all sections of the business community hard and none of us will be able to escape its consequences for the foreseeable future.

All the forecasts are that we will be enduring a recession, the only question being how long it will take the economy to recover.

That means looking at overheads and planning for the future. Some business structures may not be sustainable and will need to be re-organised by focusing on profitable areas and on key personnel.

Contracts and financial arrangements (including Leases and Rental Agreements) that are putting pressure on businesses need to be reviewed to see if they are enforceable and/or whether they can be renegotiated.   Force majeure clauses and insurance cover should be considered and steps taken to ensure that businesses are protected in the future.

Staffing levels and employment issues should be addressed

At Fishers we have the appropriate expertise to advise businesses on all these issues and have done so for almost two centuries and through a number of financial crises.  We have survived by adapting and can help you do the same.  For further discussion and consideration of any of the issues contact one of the Fishers Business Team including Charles Killin and Emma Allen in the first instance if you want to talk.  We are here to listen, as well as advise.

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