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A Cheap Will Could Lead to an Expensive Problem

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The Law Society have today published an article confirming what we have seen here at Fishers in the past few years, in that the number of inheritance disputes heard in the High Court has increased dramatically.  It is suspected that the rise is due to the fact that many people chose a DIY Will which often contain errors and omissions.  Some families are also choosing to deal with the distribution of assets themselves, rather than seek the advice of a professional.   If the Executor is also a beneficiary under the Will, this could lead to a conflict of interest and potential dispute. 

Law Society president Christina Blacklaws, said: 'With the range of different estates and circumstances that exist, it is vitally important people consult a professional when writing their will. Probate law is complex and DIY wills can easily contain mistakes which render them illegitimate or difficult to administer.'

Please contact Guy Birtwistle, Director and Head of Fishers Wills Trusts & Probate Department in respect of your Will and Estate Administration of a loved one or Emma Allen, Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Department if you have any concerns over family inheritance distributions and we will guide and assist you.


14th May 2019