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A Charity World Record Attempt Full of Ups and Downs

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By day I am a solicitor, and Head of Commercial Property at Fishers Dewes Solicitors. By night I am hoping to become a world record holder! In fact, all night and all day. Let me explain:

Who: 8 members of Ashby Round Table (of which I am one)Ashby Round Table front
What: 25 hours of non-stop trampolining
Where: Rebound, Smisby Road, Ashby
When: 7 PM Friday 27th October until 8 PM Saturday 28 October
Why: for charity...please read on. Donate here:

I am a member of the Ashby Round Table. One of our members has a friend whose son died in his sleep because of a heart condition which he and his family were completely unaware he had. The story is tragic and heart-breaking. Frustratingly, the condition can be identified and treated if individuals have their heart screened. But, of course, routine heart screening costs money which the NHS don’t have. So Round Table have decided to host a heart screening event in Ashby, via the charity CRY. This comes at a cost of £5,000.

Ashby Round Table backHence, we embarked on a fundraising campaign with the headline event being our attempt to break a world record.
We are all new to trampolining, making the challenge an even greater one. Rebound in Ashby have been very supportive providing us with (amongst many other things) access to their facilities for much needed training. I’ve spent many a lonely lunch hour  there, bouncing away in preparation.

Now the big event is nearly upon us. We start at 7pm on Friday 27 October and will finish 8pm Saturday 28 October.

Ashby Round Table with pumpkin mascot

Feel free to come along and show your support during the event and of course you can support our cause by sponsoring via: