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A Trainee Solicitors Tale

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My first month or so at Fishers has flown by! I am enjoying integrating with the conveyancing team and have been made to feel extremely welcome by the entire firm. It is evident that Fishers’ vast heritage, knowledge and personality is a tailored service blended to meet the specific needs of the client.

What I really like about Fishers is how its people make the difference. The firm very much has personality and its people genuinely care. I am becoming more and more aware of what is expected at Fishers; my closer and more analysed attention to each client and the specific situation, of which there are many, in each transaction. It is obvious Fishers know their existing clients, quickly get to know their new ones and know how to achieve each client’s personal goals.

Again until recently, I was not quite aware of just how much more than buying and selling houses conveyancing actually was. I knew there were registered and unregistered properties, freehold, leasehold, estate agents, buyers and sellers, different types of mortgages and how to complete the forms for the land registry. What I am just beginning to learn is this is not where matters end, rather, from where matters can continue. By way of example, I have now worked on files where I am liaising with our trusts and wills lawyers regarding administration, others with cohabitation discussions and written agreements and others with tax considerations. Put simply, there are more than enough factors for me as the trainee let alone the senior lawyers and particularly clients! I may have not seen the full multitude of angles and outcomes that lie in each transaction – but I am eager to learn more from those who do.

We all have experiences of either moving house ourselves or others moving around us and understand the significant amount of thought and decision that it brings. Issues which would otherwise not be thought about need to be discussed such as … how should we own the property together? … does this transaction affect my will? … how could Help to Buy, the new government initiative help me? … is there any way towards ensuring I always retain ownership of my home? … can we make provision for our children and protect our investment?