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Redundancy Round-up

Emma Allen
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The risk of redundancy can be very worrying at uncertain times. You might be told you’re at risk of redundancy if your employer has one or more jobs they cannot afford or no longer need. Whilst we are living during uncertain times, it is important to...

Can I stop others trading on my reputation?

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We live in a world where name, reputation and “Unique Selling Point” are everything in order to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. In my everyday work I am often asked questions about the use of business names and trading styles. Queries...

Contract Penalty Clauses - What is in Your Customer Contracts?

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Most business owners do not like to think about what happens when things go wrong with their customers.  Understandably they focus on building relationships with them and find it uncomfortable chasing for unpaid sums.  Often the end result is that...

Copyright Laws - It's OK to Copy Isn't It?

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You have been tasked with writing an article for your company’s website. How difficult can it be? Someone must have written something similar in the past and surely there will be lots of material on the net so you can “borrow” a bit here, a...

Debt Recovery - a Benefit or a Burden

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With the operation of modern business accepting that a great deal of customers satisfy invoices after the standard 30 day deadline it is not surprising that bad payers become bad debts very quickly. The problem most businesses face is how to ensure that a...

Pastry Plagiarism #Duffingate

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You’re at Starbucks, order a delicious latte and the barista asks if they could tempt you with a sweet treat; what do you go for? The caramel shortbread, rocky road or maybe you go for their all new doughnut-muffin hybrid – a Duffin? Or have you...

Are you sure you own the rights in your website?

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The time is right. Your business has now grown to a size where you can afford to have a shiny new website, with things that zoom in and out and maybe even some digital content. The first step to achieving your objective involves meeting with some...