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What’s it like? With Georgia Payne

Find out what’s it like for Georgia working in an office, studying at University, thinking about a career and looking into the glamorous world of YouTube.


What’s it like working at Fishers?


I first started at Fishers in summer 2019 after completing my A-levels, my job was really hands on at the start of my time at Fishers because I was appointed to help facilitate the office move. Fishers were moving from an old property on the high street in Ashby to a new office at a business park, five minutes away. I spent time clearing out and organising the old deed and will safes for them to be stored safely off site.


After my time helping with Fishers’ office move, I started at the University of Birmingham studying Chemistry with Business Management.


I am now going into my third year at university and during the summer holidays I have been helping to digitalise the paper deed records onto our system. I have also been helping in the marketing department looking at ways to boost Fishers’ reach and contacts, as marketing is an area I’m interested in post-university.


What’s it like studying at university?


I study Chemistry with Business Management, there are only around five universities that offer this course combination and to me it’s perfect because it covers two subjects that I am really interested in. Chemistry was my favourite A Level, but I didn’t want to restrict myself for the future by doing just a Chemistry Degree because I wanted to broaden my career prospects and study multiple subjects to see what I liked the most. After two years of studying so far I am really enjoying the business side of my degree, and can see myself pursuing a career in that industry. My top tips for people looking at going to university would be to keep on top of their work, because it can soon build up, but also get involved with as many social clubs/ societies as possible to meet lots of new people.


What’s it like thinking about a career?


I think my Degree has set me up nicely so far to help me to recognise my passions. My course is really hands on and because I have realised how much I like the business management side of my course I am looking at working in big retail and beauty head offices. I can also see how I can utilise my chemistry degree and I have thought about entering the world of skin care and hair care too with the knowledge I have from my studies. My degree has covered multiple avenues of the business world from marketing to management styles to accounting and finance. I love watching YouTube and one day see myself filming fashion style videos and vlogs, I just need to upload my videos and get going with it! A dream job would be to work in the fashion industry, particularly in marketing and I would love a job that allows me to travel.


What’s it like working in an office?


During my time at Fishers I have discovered the style of work I prefer and the types of working environment I enjoy more too. I love socialising in and out of work and feel I work better in a team on collaborative tasks, through conversing with others to get the best outcome. I like to do a varied selection of activities, I take a lot of pride in what I do and like to see the finished results of the projects I work on. My advice for people starting work for the first time in an office would be to ask lots of questions and keep listening to those around you, it’s always useful to hear key words and phrases and you’ll find yourself learning all the time. You should also try to get involved with a variety of tasks to build up your experience.


What’s it like having fun outside of work?


I love spending time with family and friends, eating out and drinking out! I enjoy home workouts and have recently been working towards the couch to 5k. I spend my spare time baking, watching YouTube, looking into the world of fashion and I am a bit of a shopaholic too! I love to travel and post-university I would love to explore more of Asia and South America before settling into a new career.






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