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What can I do about my neighbour’s overhanging tree?

Although summer is coming to the end, you may still notice that the plants and trees that have been growing quickly are starting to intrude onto your garden. Therefore questions can arise about what do to if a neighbour’s tree is encroaching onto your property and what you can do about it. We're here to help.

Disputes with neighbours can be especially stressful. This is because you have to see them every day, and it can cause a lot of tension. In the first instance, it is usually recommended that you approach your neighbour and express your concerns in a friendly manner. This may solve the issue, and they can arrange for the tree to be trimmed.

If that approach is unsuccessful, you can hire a tree surgeon or gardener to trim the tree yourself, but it should only be trimmed as far as your boundary line. Any cuttings from the tree have to be given back to the neighbour (unless you agree with them otherwise). You may be able to claim the costs of these works from your neighbour.

Although also possible, it would be unwise to substantially remove any encroaching roots from your property up to the boundary line. The removal of roots may cause the tree to become unstable, or cause the tree to decay. If your neighbour then requires any works due to the damage of the roots, you may be held responsible.

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