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What are your plans for 2023?

A new year can feel like a clean slate, allowing you to review your goals and plan for the future. You might want to make a fresh start in a new family home or face a change in circumstances because a relationship has ended. Here are a few ways a solicitor can help you when you’re starting something new.

A new home

Buying a new home is exciting but ensuring your dream home will live up to your expectations is essential.

When you’ve had an offer accepted on a property, your solicitor will carry out searches to reveal any potential issues. If you’re buying with a mortgage, your lender will ask for some searches to check whether they’re happy to lend you the money, but you can ask for more. These can help you avoid future problems, for example, finding yourself with a house that you can’t sell or insure. Searches can also tell you about environmental issues, such as polluted land or a flooding problem, that might affect your enjoyment of your new home.

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Have you written your will?

Writing a will is one of those things that most of us put off because we don’t want to think about a time when we aren’t around anymore. However, it’s one of the best things you can do to plan for the future.

Even if you’re going to leave everything to your spouse, having a will in place makes the whole process less stressful for them when you’re gone. It’s particularly important if you have a blended family and want to leave something to your stepchildren or protect your partner if you aren’t married. A will lets you leave a legacy for them, your close friends, and other family members.

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Think about probate

When you write a will, your solicitor will ask you to consider who you want your executors to be. This can be tricky as you need to nominate people who can complete all the legal paperwork and work together to distribute your assets and finalise any tax. You need to consider the relationship between your executors and whether they’ll do a good job.

Sometimes, it’s better to have a professional executor, such as a solicitor or accountant. This will involve paying fees, but it could help you to avoid potential family conflict as they’re impartial. Your solicitor can guide you through your options when you make your will.

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Has your relationship ended?

Christmas can be a stressful time that reveals the cracks in your relationships. It’s why divorce rates tend to be higher at the start of a new year. If you’re dealing with a relationship breakdown, we can help you to plan and negotiate an agreement with your former partner. In addition, we’ll help you to look at what will happen if you have shared assets, such as a house, and how to divide things up fairly.

If you have children, a court will put their needs first. It’s a good idea to try and reach an agreement about where they’ll live and who will care for them. We’ll also help you determine what financial support your children need as they grow up.

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