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Interview: Isabel's work experience

Isabel goes to a school in Derbyshire where she is studying A-levels in History Politics, English and an EPQ – an extended project qualification on the myth of a post racial America, following the election of Barack Obama.


Isabel is the head of house and leads a house of 75 girls from years nine to 13, whilst she also goes to meetings with the head master and other heads of house and gives ideas to improve the house and school.  


As well as ensuring the happiness of the girls in the house, Isabel also attends lots of societies from the english literature society, to debating to the history and politics society. Isabel also writes the historian for the school, a monthly history newsletter. You can also find Isabel on the hockey or netball pitch and she also enjoys reading with a particular interest in books such as the new Jim Crow by Alexander, and why nations fail, by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson.


This week Isabel joined Fishers for work experience in our conveyancing department. Find out more from Isabel in this interview about her time with us, her future plans and some of her favourite holiday destinations.


What do you want to do when you leave school?

I would like to go to University to study Politics and International Relations with French, and then I would like to do a law conversion, where I can pursue a career in international and investment treaty law or property law. I’m applying for St Andrews, Durham, Kings, Exeter and Bath.


What career are you interested in?

I would love to be a lawyer, however I am also interested in a politics career, either being a diplomat or being in the United Nations.


Why law?

I want to be able to deliver justice, in terms of human rights and international law, handling discrimination and promoting internationalism. I would also like to be able to help people in my everyday life and give people a much needed voice, especially in terms of the criminal justice system which has a lot of flaws, as it stands. In terms of property law however, I have always been interested in property, from a very young age, and it’s something I would also be keen to pursue. I am also very meticulous and hardworking, and I think law would suit me in that aspect.


Have you always known what you have wanted to do?

I have always wanted to be a lawyer as I find lawyers very inspirational. My family do not come from a law background, but I wanted to explore it after reading lots of books about discrimination and the criminal justice system, this is where my desire to do law really flourished. I then began to look at other spheres of law such as property law, which I am also really interested in.  


What have you been doing at Fishers?

I have been working alongside Amanda Payne, Head of Conveyancing, seeing what a week in the life of a property lawyer looks like. Amanda and I went on a tour of Ashby to see different types of properties, and on this trip Amanda taught me about the different laws surrounding property law. I have also been looking at historical files, learning about land registration, sitting on calls with clients, and getting an insight into the world of property.


Has anything surprised you in the property market?

Everything really. It’s surprising how historical property law actually is, I find history incredibly fascinating, especially considering I am studying a History A-level and through being able to look through historical documents I find that really interesting.

I saw a file for a house with a sale for £3000 in the past and it now for sale for £350,000!

The effect of The Grenfell tower on the property market to this day, has also been something which has surprised me, in terms of its effect on the rental market, and for leaseholders.


What have you found most worthwhile from your time spent completing work experience?

I have found the whole experience here truly invaluable for me. However, being able to sit in on training meetings with Amanda and her colleagues, and really getting to learn about property law in lectures has been especially important to me. I also found that in being able to go out in the car with Amanda and see properties, the experience really came to life.


Do you feel ready for the world of work?

I think the world of work can be incredibly daunting for a 17 year old like me, and a really big step up from sixth form. However in gaining work experience such as this over the course of the summer, I feel it’s really helped me to feel ready for the world of work in the future.


Any tips for young people looking to do work experience?

Always ask. There’s really no harm in reaching out to your contacts, and build your contacts through LinkedIn, I think that’s so so important. Through reaching out to Amanda, I was able to gain this work experience, and I would never regret that, even if she said no. I would also recommend being really prepared for your work experience, and researching into it before you start. For example I really looked in property law and gained a good background knowledge before I came in, and that was really useful, and allowed me to benefit more when doing the work experience itself.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love baking, I make a really good lotus and milky bar blondie. I also bake good brownies and NYC cookies. Aside from baking, I love having down time with my family when I’m not at boarding school, particularly down in Salcombe, Devon, where we go in the holidays.  


Favourite destinations?

I love South Africa, I like the culture and the people and there’s a lot of historical significance in South Africa, I also love the surroundings and the fact that from Cape Town to Franscheok, to safari it’s incredibly diverse. I also love Mauritius, and how tranquil the environment is there.  I have always wanted to go to Kenya, and I also really want to go to Fiji or Peru. I could name a lot more places, and I really hope that I can explore the world more after Corona Virus dies down, I just love travelling! I am also really keen to make a difference when I go travelling, and I am going to visit South Africa again, for six months to be a volunteer, teaching children at primary schools in Cape Town.


If you could have any super power what would you have?

Mind reading, I am always so intrigued to hear what others are thinking.


What three things would you take with you on a desert island?

I feel that to be wise in this scenario you would only every need one thing - a helicopter.






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