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Conveyancing at Christmas


Christmas is the time to deck the halls and for family and friends to gather round the fireplace. As Christmas is already a busy time and usually a very expensive month, buying a house at Christmas is not top of many people’s lists.

Other reasons people put off buying and selling properties during this time, is because some companies have Christmas shut down periods, employees go on holiday and there’s the usual Christmas stress. That’s why the New Year can be a much better time to think about putting your house on the market and to look for a new home to suit your needs.


New Year, new home?

People often use the time off work over the Christmas break to spruce up their home ready for selling. You can do this by adding a lick of paint and having a de-clutter to make your property attractive to a prospective buyer. As the conveyancing market is generally less busy in January and February, the process from start to finish can generally be a little quicker. It’s a good time to start your property research, start saving for your new home when Christmas is over and make lists of your new home requirements.


Why buying and selling property in the New Year is best

One last Christmas at home may be too many for some and that is what can prompt some sellers. They can start searching for a new home straight after the New Year.  Houses are bought and sold at all times of the year but in January, with so many houses having sat on the sidelines in December waiting for Christmas to pass, it’s a traditional busy month for new enquiries. January will see a new wave of properties on the market and those searching can filter to look for the newest properties added to the market rather than the stagnant ones from the previous year. 


Motivated sellers

New Year is a time for people to write their resolutions, and put plans into practice. Buying and selling becomes a priority for many people. With more people buying and selling, the market becomes busy and active. This might mean more competition for buyers, but it also means more opportunities for sellers.


Keen conveyancers

When it comes to selling your house, you can speak to your conveyancer from the outset to establish a relationship, get initial costings and start the legal paperwork. Fishers offer a Bold Move scheme to help you do this and to help speed up the conveyancing process.  This means you are already a few steps along in the process before you even have a buyer in place. Not only will this make your life easier in the long run, this will also be a bonus for your keen buyer. As conveyancers will be returning from a nice Christmas break, January is the perfect time to get in touch with them.


January is a good time to sell your house for a quick sale

Analysis of data over the last 5 years shows January is the best time to sell your house for a speedy sale.”

Data shows January is a good time to sell or buy a house as the process is much quicker. This could be because Christmas is over, children are back at school or possibly because people are much more focused on getting things done in January.


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