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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is really important to us as a firm. We believe it is all of our missions to support the local and wider communities in any way we can. As a firm we have a structured and sustainable approach to meet our CSR goals. We're not the biggest firm, but we have big hearts and our team are dedicated to making the world a better place to live in.



We work with charities such as Cancer Research, Mind, Go Beyond. As well as supportining other charities close to our hearts.


Our Helping Hands programme commits the firm to half a day volunterring in the local community.


We take measures to ensure we're operating as a sustainble firm. We also strive to only work with third parties who share our sustainibility goals. 


At Fishers, we’re proud to be part of our local community and we’re always looking for ways to give back. Here’s why we’re committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR for short).

We want to improve our local area

We know that our business doesn’t exist in isolation. We’re part of a bigger community that starts in our local area and extends worldwide. It means that we’ve had to think carefully about how we work and what we can do to improve our environment. It lifts your spirits when you can live and work in a beautiful place where you can breathe clean air when you go for a walk. We want everyone in our community to take pride in their environment so we’re trying to lead by example.


We want to help people improve their lives

It feels as if the news has been full of doom and gloom recently, with people fleeing their homes and seeking safety in other countries. We know that there are people on our doorstep facing challenges too. It can be hard to acknowledge that there are people in the UK struggling with homelessness, debt and mental health issues. We want to do everything we can to make sure that everyone has a safe place to live and enough to eat. That’s why we’re committed to supporting local, national and international charities with our fundraising.


CSR helps our people

Getting involved in CSR doesn’t just help our local community. It delivers real benefits to our team as well. We’ve found that when our people get involved in fundraising and other local projects it really helps them to feel part of a team. People from all levels of the business work side by side and get to know each other better. Working with charities offers us a new perspective, helping us to get creative and come up with new ideas. Taking time out from work to do something for others can also help us to understand their lives and become more empathetic.


What we’re doing now

Lockdown forced us to change the way we work, but it taught us a lot of valuable lessons. We’re working more flexibly, using video conferencing so we can travel less and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s great that we’re able to catch up with our clients face to face without anyone having to sit in traffic. We’re also committed to recycling and finding new ways to reduce waste in our offices.


We support charities with fundraising, whether that’s by donating prizes or coming to work in fancy dress. We love getting involved in local events like the annual Christmas tree trail.


What shall we do next?

We know that committing to CSR means that we have to keep learning. The world keeps changing and we want to discover new ways to make a positive impact for our community and our environment. If you have any ideas about how we can do that, we’d love to hear them.

If you’re a local charity, can we help you? Get in touch and let us know.

Our commitment to sustainability

We believe in creating a sustainable future. We’re working to put measures in place that will protect our environment both now and in the generations to come.

Here’s what we’re doing to lessen our environmental impact and increase sustainability.



Working from home

Lockdown changed the way we do business as we all adapted to working from home. It’s allowed us to find more flexible ways of working and to discover the benefits of time away from the office. Where possible we’re still working from home, which has given all of our people more flexibility. It also means that we can travel less so it’s reduced our carbon footprint too.



Recycling has been part of our commitment to environmental sustainability for a few years now. We’ve provided facilities to encourage recycling in our offices, whether we’re disposing of waste paper or an empty can of drink. There has been constant innovation in recycling technology recently so we are now looking into new methods that will allow us to recycle more and send less of our waste to landfill.


Communications technology

New technology has transformed the way we communicate with our clients. A face-to-face meeting with a client would once have meant spending time travelling or asking them to come into one of our offices. Now we can have the same conversation via a computer screen. It’s enabled us to cut down the amount of driving we do and reduce our carbon footprint. Video calls also let us keep the personal touch as it allows our clients to talk to us from the comfort of their own home or office.


Volunteering in the community

We know that sustainability goes beyond the steps we take in our offices. Improving our local area is a key part of our work as we know that it encourages people to take pride in their environment and work to protect it. We’ve been supporting our community with fundraising too, from donating prizes to local events to wearing Christmas jumpers to the office, as well as getting involved with more hands-on projects. If we can support you or your organisation please get in touch.


We know that this will be ongoing process. It’s important to us so we’re committed to finding new ways to lessen our environmental impact and keep improving in the years to come.

Charities we work with:




Clean up for the Queen

Fishers take part in Ashby's Clean up for the Queen.

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Help with repairs to Ashby de la Zouch Museum

Ashby Museum facing closure 'within a year' if five-figure repair bill cannot be met. 

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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Providing a space for families the chance to stay close to their child whilst they are in hospital.

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Campaign Against Living Miserably

Calm Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and we’re united against suicide. 

Find out more


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