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When you are faced with a legal issue; your first move should be to get in touch with an accomplished professional that you can trust to protect your interests at all costs. That is why at Fishers, we have a  team of legal specialists with the experience necessary to guide you through the most complex issues with ease. With a passion for problem solving and a proven track record for assisting both businesses and individuals to protect their interests, you can rely on Fishers to help you through your legal requirements .

Our growing reputation is a testament to the commitment we have to our clients; always going above and beyond to resolve issues in a reasonable timeframe. From disputes to divorce, from property to probate, our leading team of solicitors in Tamworth will always work hard to understand your specific needs in order to provide tailored advice that works for you. We know that the last thing you need is to be drowned in legal jargon; and while our solicitors may be experts within their field, we will always explain your options to you in plain, jargon-free English, allowing you to make an informed decision when it matters the most. Communication is a strength at Fishers, and our solicitors in Tamworth will always keep you updated with each new development in your case as soon as we know.

Clients thank us time and time again for being up front and honest regarding costs; and when you work with us you will never receive a surprise bill with unexpected fees. From day one, we will provide you with an estimation of costs and timescales – and if anything changes or matters become more complicated than anticipated, you will be the first to know if and how it will impact on your bill. Well known for delivering swift and effective results, we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service across the board. We believe our clients deserve the best, which is why we are always looking for new ways to improve.


Services Offered


Our dedicated solicitors in Tamworth will always go the extra mile to resolve your legal issue with minimal fuss. Get in touch today to see how we could help you.




Family disputes are sensitive by nature; and can easily escalate if action is not taken early enough. In order to achieve a favourable outcome, we recommend getting in touch with our team of family solicitors in Tamworth for tailored legal advice and support through your issue. If your relationship has broken down and you need assistance in negotiating a fair settlement or living arrangements for your children, rest assured that our team of experts are here to help you protect your interests and get you through the divorce process with minimal fuss.


Residential Property


If you have made the decision to buy or sell property, you will benefit from the assistance of an experienced legal professional who can ensure a smooth conveyancing process from offer through to completion. Whether you are a landlord looking to grow your rental portfolio or a first-time buyer about to make your first step on the property ladder, our conveyancing solicitors will be at hand to provide clarity and support through your transaction. We know how important property is and how eager you may be to move out, so we will keep you updated at each stage in the process. As well as conveyancing, you can count on us to advise you through any disputes that arise in the future, be it regarding a troublesome tenant or a disagreement with a neighbour.




For most of us, the workplace is where we spend a great deal of our time. Therefore, when things start to become stressful or a dispute arises with your boss or a colleague, it can start to have a significant impact on your wellbeing and even threaten your livelihood. Here at Fishers, we believe that each employee deserves to be treated equally in the workplace. That is why we strive each day to protect the rights of workers across all industries, helping our clients take action against unfair treatment, harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace. Our employment solicitors in Tamworth are also experienced in working alongside employers to help tackle employee disagreements such as contractual disputes; and are always happy to help business owners draft the vital employment documents they need. 


business services


At Fishers, our commercial solicitors in Tamworth are well known for providing a first class legal service for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From assisting with secretarial duties to ensuring your company is compliant and up to date with legislation, our commercial clients thank us for the extensive service we deliver. We recognise that each business is unique, which is why we will always take the time to gain an understanding of your commercial and practical needs, and your objectives and business aims, before working together to capitalise on opportunities and minimise risk. From small start ups to well-established corporations, our team have a proven track record for helping businesses achieve their goals and resolve commercial disputes with minimal fuss.


wills & Probate


When a loved one passes away, they leave behind their estate to be distributed amongst their chosen beneficiaries. This includes all financial assets they have accrued throughout their life: from residential property to shares in a business. In order to ensure that the inheritance is divided in accordance to the Will of the deceased, it is essential that you seek out the services of a specialist wills and probate solicitor. At Fishers, our team are well experienced in estate administration and will work meticulously to ensure no stone is left unturned in the distribution of assets.

Further to this, our Wills & Probate solicitors can help you protect your own interests by assisting and advising you through the process of writing your Will. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing the right people will inherit from your estate should the worst happen.


Legal Resources in Tamworth


tamworth council

The Tamworth Council website offers a vast amount of useful information for those new to the area as well as those just seeking news or details regarding local facilities. From housing options and council tax to employment opportunities and health services, the site helps in providing a general overview of Tamworth.  

citizens advice tamworth

If you are facing a legal issue but would like to gain an understanding of your options before instructing a solicitor, you may find it beneficial to make a free appointment with your local citizen’s advice bureau. Details can be found in the link above, however, it is important to note that your advisor will not be able to act as a solicitor through your case and can only provide advice on a one-off basis.

courts in tamworth

Above you will find a list of all the court, tribunals and law centres available in and around the Tamworth area. If your case has escalated to court and you are in need of advice or representation, get in touch with our solicitors in Tamworth to find out how we can help you.





Whatever your needs, assets or personal situation, we will listen to you and provide friendly and practical advice. Understanding your circumstances is the most important thing, so if you prefer to meet in person, by video link or something else - no matter where you are, we’re here to drive the change you need, or solve the problems you have.

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