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Legal services in Ashby

When faced with a legal issue; it is essential that you seek advice as early as possible to prevent matters from becoming costly and time-consuming. Be it a commercial issue relating to your business or a personal matter, you will benefit from the legal support of an accomplished professional who you can trust to protect your interests and prioritise your needs.


At Fishers, our solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch have a proven track record for resolving legal issues with minimal fuss. Our priority is to protect your interests; so we will always go the extra mile to secure an outcome that works for you.


We are driven to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We believe you deserve the best; which is why we are always searching for new ways to innovate and improve the service we provide. Our solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch are all specialists within their field; with the industry experience necessary to guide you through your issue to an outcome in a timely manner. Though we will always aim to find a solution as quickly as possible, rest assured that we never cut corners. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that the result is to your satisfaction.

As well as our expertise, our solicitors have earned our reputation for providing an outstanding level of client care. From property transactions to commercial disputes, our promise to you is to maintain a strong level of communication throughout: be that by phone, email or face to face. We know that the last thing you need is for your solicitor to drown you in legal jargon; which is why we always keep things simple and straightforward, explaining your options in plain English to allow you to make an informed decision when it matters the most.


Services Offered

Here at Fishers, our solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch offer a wide range of services for both businesses and individuals. The services we provide include but are not limited to:



When a relationship breaks down, reaching an agreement on vital matters such as property, children and financial assets can be particularly challenging. Due to the sensitive nature of family issues, it is easy for disagreements to escalate into bitterly fought court disputes if action is not taken early enough. This period of uncertainty can also significantly impact the lives of your children if you have any, which is why it’s important to seek advice from a trusted family law professional as soon as the decision has been made to divorce. At Fishers, we pride ourselves in our ability to help clients through the divorce process with minimal stress and time involved. Together, you and your dedicated family law solicitor will work to secure an outcome that meets your financial and day-to-day needs; using our strength in negotiation to protect your interests throughout.


Residential Property

Whether it is to let or to live in, property matters to people. That’s why  our conveyancing solicitors strive to provide a service that is seamless and efficient. If you have decided to sell or purchase property, your choice of solicitor will determine how smooth the legal process is and as a result, how stressful it is for you. When you choose to instruct Fishers for your conveyancing, we will provide you with a specialist who will be completely dedicated to getting you moving within a reasonable timeframe. At each stage and at each new development, your solicitor will be in contact to explain everything clearly and answer any questions you have.  We also have legal experts on hand should you face a property dispute further down the line.



For most of us, the workplace is where we spend the majority of our time. For that reason alone, it should be a place in which we are treated with fairness and equality regardless of the industry we work in or background we come from. However, we know from our experience that this is not always the case. That is why every day, our employment solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch strive to protect the rights of employees in businesses large and small. We will never hesitate in taking legal action where necessary in order to ensure you are being treated with respect in your job. As well as helping individuals, we are at hand to help business owners and HR professionals with any issues that arise with members of staff, and are more than happy to help you draft the essential employment documentation you need.


Business Services

From small start ups to well-established companies, our team of dedicated commercial solicitors in Ashby de la Zouch are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals and reach their potential. We do this by providing a range of services for your business: from secretarial duties and assistance drafting contracts and agreements to support in expansion and business development. So, whether you need help setting up and getting off the ground or you need assistance through a restructuring deal, our solicitors have the legal expertise and business acumen necessary to guide you through with ease. As well as this, you can count on us to keep you compliant, assessing changes to legislation to determine how they will affect you.


Wills & Probate

When a loved one passes away, their estate will be distributed according to the wishes specified in their Will. Without a Will, it will be divided according to the laws of intestacy by an independent judge. That means, if you have no valid Will in place, you will have no say in who inherits from your estate after you have passed away.


 At Fishers we have  a team of expert wills and probate solicitors to help our clients plan for the future, providing tailored advice and assistance in the Will-writing process. We know that this is a conversation nobody particularly wants to have; so while we will approach the matter with sensitivity, our priority is to ensure your interests are protected before it is too late.


Our solicitors also provide assistance to those who have been named executor of a Will, lifting some of the weight of your shoulders by tackling the often-challenging process of estate administration.


Legal Resources


Citizens Advice in Ashby de la Zouch

If you are facing a legal issue but wish to seek a general overview of your options before instructing a solicitor, you may find it beneficial to make an appointment with the citizen’s advice bureau closest to your area. It is important to note, however, that the advice they provide comes on a one-off basis and your advisor will not be able to act as a solicitor on your case.


Ashby de la Zouch council

The Ashby de la Zouch council website is particularly useful to those new to the area; as it provides relevant information on housing options, education and employment opportunities as well as health services available.


Courts in Ashby de la Zouch

For a list of courts, tribunals and law centres near Ashby de la Zouch, visit the above link to the Government website. If you are seeking legal support and representation through a dispute or claim, get in touch with our solicitors today.



Whatever your needs, assets or personal situation, we will listen to you and provide friendly and practical advice. Understanding your circumstances is the most important thing, so if you prefer to meet in person, by video link or something else - no matter where you are, we’re here to drive the change you need, or solve the problems you have.

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Why Fishers?


We are experts at what we do, with knowledge, insight and action you can trust. We listen and take the time to understand you, your circumstances and needs. It's more than experience and skill, our team bring passion. We offer recommendations that bring the complex down to earth.


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