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Preparing for the New Year

Preparation is the key to getting things done smoothly. January is always a preferred time to write resolutions, tick things off lists and be productive. At Fishers we see lots of activity across our legal teams in the New Year. We’ve highlighted some of our popular services when preparing for the New Year.


A List of things to do in the New Year from your trusted solicitors


New Year, new home?


January is a great time to think about putting your house on the market and buying a new home. People tend to find January a good time of the year for buying and selling property as Christmas gives people space to reflect on their home, get any DIY done and put time aside to start putting plans into action.


Find more information about why buying and selling property in the New Year is ideal

Find a quote for your conveyancing online.


New Year, new venture?


Have you started the New Year with a new idea? Perhaps you want to start a new business, expand your company or sell your business and start something else? We’ve helped thousands of people to start businesses, buy and sell commercial property and discover their passions.


Starting a business?

Buying commercial property?

Selling commercial property?


New Year, new you?


Whether you’re looking to start 2022 on your own, or to change the dynamics within your family, we have helped many people divorce and separate. Sometimes splitting up is best for both parties and we have the legal expertise to help people separate without the need for the courts, animosity or added stress.  We also make sure that when children are at the centre of a separation, the arrangements are handled sensitively. We can help with children arrangements such as custody, residence and visiting rights.


Family matters

Civil partnership dissolution


New year, new Will?


Thinking about your future and protecting your loved ones should always be high on your list. Wills are a legal document aimed at stating what happens to your estate and assets once you pass. It’s not a nice subject to think about, but things happen. It’s always best to be prepared and have a Will in place to ensure your wishes are met once you’re no longer with us. We recommend people of all ages have a Will. Wills can be amended and updated throughout your life.


Writing a will




New year, no debt?

Christmas can cause a lot of pressure, with the build-up and high expectations, if you're running a company to reach financial targets before Christmas closure or for individuals, there's always a lot of pressure to sepnd extra money at Christmas.

For companies this is an ideal time to review the ‘bad debtor’ list and take action. For individuals it is also a good time to look at any debts you may have.

Ultimately payment of outstanding invoices assists with turnover for businesses and finances for individuals, especially during the Christmas period.

If in doubt, contact our Dispute Resolution team who can assist you with the available options moving forward to tackle bad debt and tick another task off the list!





Whatever your needs, assets or personal situation, we will listen to you and provide friendly and practical advice. Understanding your circumstances is the most important thing, so if you prefer to meet in person, by video link or something else - no matter where you are, we’re here to drive the change you need, or solve the problems you have.

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